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About Us

Gyaankosh is a one touch digital platform which aims at making distant learning easy to comprehend. In today’s world digitisation is steadily becoming a key factor in all aspects of life. In the field of education, application of new technologies is playing a pivotal role in the implementation and materialisation of the curriculum.

In this rapidly changing digital world. GKCS aims at enhancing the Communicative Skills and overall personality development of those who aspire to change theri lives. The mission of Team GKCS is to help fulfil the dreams of the aspirants to modify their lifestyle and upgrade their knowledge. The programme aims at providing linguistic support to the students thereby empowering their linguistic and writing skills it enhances their confidence and provides them a platform to become deal members of the society contributing profitibly towards building a prestigeious and powerful nation.

Digital tools and platforms have become the infrastructural base for laying the foundation of the future of education as a supplement to educators. Our endeavour is to support the aspiring class of the society especially the first or second generation learner’s with a more simplified approach or interface that could be assessed easily.


Our aim is to provide :-

·        A simple approach- One click and get access to information.

·        A platform that runs on the most basic operating system.

·        A cost efficient digital solution which will make distance learning reachable to the common man.

·        A personal touch and individually customised interface for the clients. 

·     A system that the client would have faith on and which would eventually fulfill the requirements as a supplement tool. 


Our motto is to reinforce virtual system of learning in the most user friendly and affordable way.